The world's first, domestic screens from import to export

Issuing time:2022-08-02 12:39

Samsung will close its LCD panel factory and sell related manufacturing equipment to BOE and China Star OptoElectronics, Zhongguancun Online reported on Nov 26. In the coming years, Chinese manufacturers will supply large LCD panel components for Samsung's LCD TV business.

Not only Samsung, but also South Korea's other panel giant, LG. Over the years,LG's share in the LCD panel market has been shrinking. It cannot compete with the Chinese manufacturers, but it does not want to give up completely. Finally, it chooses the road of differentiation competition with the Chinese manufacturers.

From a high dependence on imports in the 1990s, to now become the new leader in the field of LCD, the domestic screen has achieved a comeback!

Samsung and LG are being wiped out by imports and exports of domestic screens

The past is controlled by others

In the 1990s, the LCD panel market in China was virtually dominated by Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies. By virtue of their monopoly position, the three can jointly raise prices, while downstream Chinese companies have no room to bargain.

Until 2000, China was a poor player in LCD panels, and its companies were no match for those of Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

However, even if the domestic panel is surrounded by many, even if the LCD panel industry threshold is high, the research period is long, and the capital investment is large, the Chinese manufacturers represented by BOE do not want to give up.

In 2003, BOE seized the rare opportunity and overcame all difficulties to acquire the Korean LCD panel industry line, thus opening the door of China's LCD panel.

Samsung and LG are being wiped out by imports and exports of domestic screens

But China's LCD panel industry is not so smooth sailing. In order to suppress the development of Chinese mainland manufacturers, Japanese, South Korean and Taiwan companies often make obstacles in both the open and the hidden, such as the joint price cut BOE can only lose money to make a shout.

What's more, Chinese manufacturers face incomprehension at home. Boe has been losing money for more than a decade, so many people call it a "money loser."

Despite the difficulties, BOE and others have not given up. As a result of their efforts, mainland China has gradually regained control of the local LCD panel market, and the former era of high prices has gone forever.

Domestic screen attack back

Over the years, as China's production capacity has climbed, the country has made a comeback in the LCD panel sector from relying on imports to exports.

Samsung and LG are being wiped out by imports and exports of domestic screens

In the global LCD market, China has ranked in the forefront of the world.

According to data released by Omida, in 2020, China's LCD production capacity in the world has exceeded 50%. By 2023, that number is expected to rise to 60 percent.

Among them, BOE has the best performance, in the mobile phone LCD screen, monitor screen, TV screen and other five areas, has achieved the first market share in the world.